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2023 Sunday Headliner announcement...


A multi-award-winning Scottish songwriter, folk singer,

composer, theatre-maker and author.

‘One of the finest singer-songwriters in Britain’
The Guardian ★★★★★

Recent projects include her Scottish Songbook re-imaginings of classic Scottish pop; The Lost Words: Spell Songs, a multi-artist response to environmental loss and climate breakdown; and Wind Resistance, her

peatbog-inspired theatre show for The Royal Lyceum/EIF. 

She has worked previously with the BBC SSO, author James Robertson,

documentary-maker Anthony Baxter, and indie composer RM Hubbert. 

2021 saw both the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra commission new works, in collaboration with sound designer/composer Pippa Murphy, and in the lead up to COP26 Karine wrote “Enough is Enough”, a participative piece, commissioned by Oi Musica for massed voices &

street bands, and performed by

ensembles from Glasgow to London,

and Brussels to Accra.


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