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Friday Evening 

Diddley Squat (Golden Lion)

Energetic home-grown musical talent in the vanguard of Northumbrian Reggae. Rhythmic, foot-tapping output prompting prolonged and passionate audience participation. A really popular bunch of guys.

Belta Reivers (King’s Head)

This up beat, fun loving Geordie trio bring the best of old local songs and music from all over the world. Great instrumentals and strong vocals, they’re just the tonic that we all need!





Mikey Kenny (St Cuthbert’s Church)

Based in Liverpool, this unconventional and talented multi instrumentalist, singer and songwriter is the whole deal. He’s been described as “a thoughtful soul “ and that his music is “from the heart to the heart.” Mikey’s very much in demand but we’ve got him so don’t, whatever you do, miss him!



Garance Louis (St Cuthbert’s Church)

Gutsy, high energy, francophone, intimate and highly accomplished are just some of the descriptions from the media regarding this outstanding musician and singer.  And then the band, think Tom Waits, Edith Piaf, Frank Zappa!  There’s so much to say but, for sure, you can’t miss this.

Saturday Afternoon

Chris Ormston (St Cuthbert’s Church)

An acknowledged master of the only indigenous English musical instrument, the Northumbrian pipes, and also a tale teller of repute, Chris will beguile and entertain you with his draw dropping skill.  How many fingers?  10?  No, surely more!

Maz O’Connor (St Cuthbert’s Church)

Stunning voice, captivating stage presence, this singer/songwriter has been lauded in the national press, and rightly so.  She’s been commissioned to write songs for the UK Parliament and the Royal Shakespeare Company, has toured extensively and will now mesmerise us.

Brothers Gillespie (St Cuthbert’s Church)

They can’t be button holed.  Contemporary but traditional, pulsating but calming.  They evoke the spirit of Northumberland in music and song in that understated way that is the mark of the supremely talented.  Listen carefully, you might hear a curlew.

Claire Hastings (Allendale Village Hall)

A natural and effortless singer who graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and earned the prestigious title of BBC Radio Scotland’s Young Traditional Musician of the Year.  She will entrance you with traditional songs and her own original material.  “Claire does more than simply sing a song, she takes you to the story and sits you comfortably right beside the singer.” Folk Radio UK.

Jubilee Stompers (Allendale Village Hall)

The Jubilee Stompers are a 5 piece bought together in their mutual love and fascination of early jazz music. What started as an exploration of the arrangements of the great Duke Ellington, quickly expanded to include many of the classic ensembles of the early 1900s, such as Fletcher Henderson, Bix Beiderbecke, Original Dixieland Band and the spirituals of the depression era.

Salt Cutters’ Family Ceilidh (Allendale Village Hall)

The Saltcutters Dance Band are a lively Céilí band from Liverpool led by fiddler Mikey Kenney and sean nós dancer and caller Maria Malone. The band is comprised of some of the most experienced and in-demand traditional musicians from the city and beyond. Members are Mikey Kenney (Band of Burns, Liverpool Céilí Band) – fiddle Maria Malone (Movema Dance) - dance caller, bodhrán Susie 

Saturday Evening

Rheingans Sisters (St Cuthberts' Church)

Awesomely talented, they brought the house down last time they performed here in Allendale and, no doubt, will do so again!  The sisters are top billing for any festival and we’re lucky enough to have them here, don’t miss the show.

Balkan Hot Club (Allendale Village Hall)

Exciting, energetic, maybe even frenetic at times!  This vibrant, modern style has firm roots in the traditions of the Middle East and Eastern Europe and is quite unique.  With The Turbans, these three fine musicians have played all over the world promoting unity in diversity and now they’re coming back to Allendale.

Tiwiza (Allendale Village Hall)

Brace yourselves, this wild and great band is steeped in African traditions but with a modern, driving rock spirit that will have you rocking too!  It’s pure joy from their hearts, directly to yours.

Sunday Afternoon

George Welch & Christine Jeans (Allendale Village Hall)

Accompanied by the wonderfully talented and infinitely patient Christine Jeans, Geordie legend, George Welch, will once again regale us with consummate musicianship, brilliant songs and his own brand of wit and wisdom!

Hannah James (Allendale Village Hall)

Spellbindingly innovative musician and dancer, Hannah James is best known for the Jigdoll ensemble and with Lady Maisery, this combination of extraordinary musicianship and percussive dance will be a treat you won’t forget.

Whiskey Moon Face (Allendale Village Hall)

Original tunes written by Louisa Jones (accordion, vocals, cornet, piano, double bass) and improvised upon by Ewan Bleach (sax, clarinet, piano), and Dakota Jim (double bass, accordion).